The Strother School District is named after O.D. Strother, a Buster Brown travelling shoe salesman who became an Oklahoma oilman. After viewing a geological map that convinced him there were oil reserves in the area that would become Seminole, Strother began purchasing individual allotments from members of the Seminole tribe. He purchased over 4,000 acres of land and founded the Blue Ribbon Oil and Development Company, drilling several wells that began producing oil shortly after his death in 1926 and eventually produced over 17 million barrels of oil. The land where Strother High School is located was donated by O.D. Strother.

The Strother School District has its roots in the tiny community of Little, Oklahoma, where a log school house with dirt floors was built in 1898. The community of Little was founded in 1900 when J.B. Chastian opened a store and became the first postmaster. At its peak, Little, which was named for the 2nd chief of the Seminole tribe Thomas Little, had two drug stores, two general stores, a cotton gin, and a post office. In 1903 the teacher, H.A. Reynolds, taught farmers' children Latin and Algebra in addition to English, History, and Geography in that one room, and nearly got fired for telling his students that one day seen men would fly through the air like birds. In 1907 Oklahoma became a state, and soon many new rural school districts were established.

In 1921, the rural districts of Little, Jarvis, Lone Star, Victor Hill, and Plover Hill combined to become the Prairie Valley School District. In 1929 the Strother Union District #7 was formed by the merging of the rural districts of Haney, Red Mound, Riverside, pikes Peak, and Cheyarha. In 1965 the Prairie Valley and Strother districts combined inder the name Strother, forming a district that serves over 108 square miles. In 1931 the Strother district boasted 765 total students, a brand new "fire-proof" brick school house, and its first graduating class. In February 1971 that school and the district records dating back to 1920 were destroyed by a devastating fire. A new high school building was dedicated on the site in 1972. Today the Strother School district has 445 pre-kindergarten through high school students enrolled.


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